Solve Challenge

Next challenge was Shepherd's Pi - perfectly suited for Flig - Flig really likes acting and role of a sheep dog and took great pleasure in this challenge. Even the sheep enjoyed it, too!

Gang Ready For The Show

First it was an afternoon of old fashion kids craft:

Crafting SheepCrafting Sheep

Crafting Sheep

Next was to sort out how Flig will move sheep around. Some farming equipment gave me an idea for the 'Sheep Grabber':

Universal Bale Grab
Universal Bale Grab

Side Squeeze Bale Grab Side Squeeze Bale Grab

Luckily, PCA9685 has 16 servos outputs, while Flig is using only 12 - leaving 4 connectors free. If we exclude one we are using for rotating distance sensor left/right and conveniently use one servo connector for supplying 5V for driving all servos, we still have two left at our disposal. For ~Bale~ 'Sheep Grabber' we just need one So, Flig got its own agriculture/farming tool:

Sheep GrabberSheep Grabber

And, since this is the most extravagant challenge - here are a couple of more pictures (sheep, wolves and Flig really liked posing for the challenge):

Sheep And Flig Sheep and Flig

Sheep, Wolves And Flig Sheep, Wolves And Flig

On The Day of The Premiere On the Day of the Premiere