F.L.I.G. Models

Here is the list of all prototype models:

Model flig-pdm3


Model flig-pdm1-u2


Prototype that got enough hardware to walk!

  • Raspberry Pi 3A+
  • 12x tg90e 9g servos
  • PCA9685 breakout board for driving servos, modified so two by two servos have separate power supply
  • 2x INA3321 breakout boards for reading servo currents
  • INA219 breakout board for reading electronics current and battery voltage
  • Car fuse at the battery side
  • 1.3" ST7789 240x240 SPI Colour IPS TFT LCD Screen for battery/current feedback

Model flig-pdm1-u1


First prototype made with 12x tg90e 9g servos.